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Started by Kokkoro, Jun 24, 2020, 06:45 AM

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Whats the current state of official servers these days? I heard iRO made their new transcendence server which is pretty much kRO:Zero. The SEA Revo-classic server is doing well for itself last I checked as well.

What about the other officials?
I have finally found you, aruji-sama~

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All they have are the older renewal servers, and transcendence. No pre-renewal servers, and both are heavy p2w.


iRO thor (pop 300~) : WoE maniacs here
iRO chaos (pop 2k~) : pvm player here, WoE 1 2 barely alive (but alive), WoE TE pretty much alive

On renewal, we will hit episode 17.1 next week or next two week. jRO alternative sprite is implemented. jRO cash shop item (OCP/Ragcan) and iRO custom cash shop item (Yggdrasil Ascension) is stopped. Speculations are, iRO will implement Kashua Secret Key, kRO cash shop item. we got standard shadow equipment and kRO skill updates (latest update are 1st and 2nd class rebalance). 3rd class improvement arrive is Gene bug fix (more like a nerf xD) and RK's first 4 rune improvement. kRO skill update + jRO item = crazy damage, e.g. GX can 1 shot bijou, deal 10m+ damage to H. Amdarais, 1 shot ifrit, etc. with meteor assault. rates are 1.5/1.25x now cuz of covid. death penalty are permanently 0.33x or 1%.

iRO poring (pop 1k~2.5k) : fluctuative cuz everyone is 99, only on when WoE. WoE is noisy and alive
we got iRO custom zero-like server here. still use iRO renewal mechanism, not zero. right now only 2nd normal class available, on september, Transcendence class will arrive. we have custom Frenzy Field; special dungeon with champion&boss monster, which drop great equipment. ALL WEAPON dropped from normal monster will have option (e.g.; atk+10, hit+10, atk+10%, damage to undead +15%). monster below lv. 40 gives WEAPON with 1 opt, above 40 2 opt, champion monster 3 opt (weapon) or 2 opt(armor). ranked blacksmith can forge weapon with 4 opt. kRO 1st-2nd skill rebalance are on. Map progression; latest patch was bio3 and abyss lake (yes, buncha lv 99 peeps ganging on lv 120+++ monster). coming with the trans-class is odin temple (yes 130-140 monster).