Old Time Player Depression

Started by chillxdd, Apr 01, 2014, 10:05 AM

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well..if you are asking on behalf of the Thread Starter, then I shall answer you with below feature (Vanilla Mode) offered by TalonRO:-

"The regular WoE is a bit different on TalonRO. Being a server where MVP Cards are widely available, WoE can get difficult for newer players. That's why apart from regular WoE we also provide a Vanilla WoE. Vanilla WoE has several restrictions, the most important ones being that there are no MVP Cards, Lord Kaho's Horns, Super Quest Items and other strong customs allowed. The same restriction goes for certain healing items such as Condensed White Potions, Meat and Grape Juice. If you want to read more, you can of course check the..."

I am just telling my own experience, if TS interested to know more...you may review the comment in RMS...
The thing is it is a low rate server which I have emphasize in the first thread in case somebody missed out...



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