[Non-Renewal] Ragnarok World Championship Mechanics

Started by manta3115, Aug 29, 2022, 02:44 AM

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Hi everyone!

We wanna try to put-up a server with RWC setup but we don't have any reference of the NPC items and the character mechanics like max level and everything.

I hope someone here still has it or at least knows where I can check it.

Thanks guyss /kis /kis /kis


Do you mean the official server's event?  I just looked it up a bit, seems it only hosted during the pre-re times (up to 2012).  I guess they figured things went way too imbalance in renewal.  Isn't the official server's event just take a snapshot of whatever on the player's account at the time of competition and let the guilds vs guilds match on a separate server?


https://paste2.org/nLIKOzLa 2008RWC.sc
https://paste2.org/sehJM7IY 2008RWC_R.sc

i dont think there was any changes in the game code, but if there was not even i care enough to look

https://paste2.org/GeynI1th 2013rwc.sc
https://paste2.org/nteZz8c1 2013rwc_arena01.sc (there's 8 arenas but it's the same thing copy pasted lol)

they didnt even bother coding anything to keep groups from joining with class multiples, just locked people from joining. i think zeny was given to players manually, as well. weird. oh well.


Thanks guys! I already completed the research and the server is ready

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