New Class: Rebellion (Posterior to Gunslinger)

Started by KeplerBR, Dec 02, 2012, 01:39 AM

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PS: All content was in Russian. I just translate with the help of Google for Brazilian Portuguese (my native language) and then translated into English ... May have several strange things.

RWC 2012 - a great opportunity not only to participate in the championship, but also learn some mysterious secrets of the developers! The latest news from Gravity :3

So now, in terms of "Ragnarok Online" in 2013, will be updated:
Rebellion (posterior to Gunslinger)

Unfortunately, to date that begins the development is not known, as well as the characteristics of the class.



They showed a small commercial during this last RWC about this[that I missed because I didn't watched it until the end because would end super late -.-] and the sprites are awful. Totally looks like a lazy Kagerou/Oboro even if the male isn't that bad.



I found them pretty cool.  Doesn't look Japanese to me at all.  More like soldiers/polices.