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Started by RosePastel, Mar 04, 2024, 03:26 AM

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Didn't see a topic, but please let me know if there's already one!

I've played RO 2 decades ago and I've been thinking about what makes me come back and what I'm wanting to accomplish.

I started my RO journey as an acolyte and found how fun it was to heal bomb! I'm not a big fan of horror, but looking back the Church Graveyard has been one of my most memorable maps!

I miss the acolytes and priests chilling in the middle cross safe zone. Buffs would always be handed out for everyone before they started their hunts. Even if it was the scariest place I'd never go to in real life, I felt safe enough with keeping myself alive and having other priests and acolytes in the map.

I'd love to hear about others' experiences and what sticks with them even through all these years!
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I think it was during the covid lockdown that I heard the most people said they are feeling nostalgic and want to come back to the RO scene.  Most of them say RO have a special place in their heart.  Well that's true, in this day and age it is hard to find a game that make you grind 12 hours a day for an item.  Really don't know how I had so much time to waste 15~20 years ago .. good to be young.

I was mostly a mage/wiz in the early days so I am more used to going to ant hell / hode / argiope / alarm / soil.  Or the broken bridge (whatever that is) in izlude dungeon 3 before the mob change and map fix.  Don't know if GH is still a good place for aco anymore, I think they all moved to anubis?

If you are looking for classic server, maybe check the listing or post a server seeking topic here.

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I remember downloading the actual client from korea with a 56k modem, had to use a program to split the download and had to be all night for it because doing it in one session was expensive and the file could get corrupt.

I didn't had a main class, but the most I remember was playing as an Agi blacksmith, I went really deep into niff field alone, getting buffs and talking with other people.
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I learnt about RO while visiting one of the local internet cafes and the allure of a free CD and TShirt was  too much to resist. I started playing regularly in mid 2004, a couple of months after the local server for India was started and the game was still in beta -- no comodo/turtle and Aldebaran was the newest town. Stopped playing officials when they went pay-to-play in mid 2006 and have been hopping on & off private servers since then. These days, mostly playing casually with a small group of friends and spending time learning about the history and lore of Ragnarok.
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My first official experience was with the 2003 beta in Thailand. It was surreal with multiple zone servers (hello Aegis), each server contained over a minimum of 100k+ players, for instance, the servers (Iris), (Chaos), and (Loki) almost always had a peak of over 90 thousand players. This was incredible for the official population back in the day. I could only imagine the amount of resources they had set in place for the backend to handle all of the players.

I recall my first class being a Swordman, and I eventually gave the Magician a try and I fell in love with the effect of basic AoE skills. It felt rewarding to kill Argiopes as a Mage, utilizing Fire Wall and Fire Bolt (nostalgia, anyone?). Lol.

I eventually got back into leveling my Swordman more and that class too grew on me. I met and made some cool Thai friends who taught me more about the game! I've always found the Majestic Goat headgear to be interesting. It stood out in classes like Merchant and Swordman of course and they were more common in people wearing them in these classes. I had one of these headgear as a Swordman, back in the day and this was a head-turner everywhere I went in my adventures playing RO in Internet Cafes! It was an awesome feeling.  /no1

However, my first private server experience was AnimaRO, and that brought a lot of nostalgic fun which I often reminisce about randomly. I wonder if people from this server are still around. It would be interesting to chat with old-school folks!
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Started with RO during the inRO Beta (Apr/May 2004), the game jockey at the neighbourhood internet cafe was offering free TShirts and the game CD for signing up and getting to level 20. Moved to pservers around 2006 when the officials went pay-to-play. Dropped RO as other life stuff took up all the free time that I had by 2010-ish. A bunch of close friends got back around 2022 and playing on/off with this group an old eAthena TXT server. These days, interested about the game lore and history more than the grinding part :)