Most annoying monster in the game...

Started by AlviN, Feb 27, 2008, 12:46 AM

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Ifrit and vendors who sell useless crap.

Nuff said.


=o, I think all the MVPs are pretty annoying... all that summoning slave trash and disables  :-\


Ancient Mimic: This mob is annoying when it's hopping around everywhere and even more annoying when you hit it.  AHAEHAEHAEHAEHAEHAEHAE.  Ugh.

Muka: The sound is just awful.

Gazeti: The hit lock is super irritating, especially if you're a poor Wizard/High Wizard without a Phen Card or anything trying to train there.


I also hate these, f*** useless piece of s*** in ragnarok, totally useless.


I have a list of 'em:
Mimic, Ancient mimic, Gryphon T_____T
Seeker, Salamander, Bow Guardian/Master
Any MVP/mini boss that creeps up on you and OHKOes you when you're still low-level > stormy knight in Toy 2 in particular
Bombs in Kiel > killable but makes you play russian roulette with your exp.


Chon Chon. The attacking one.
I remember jobchanging on the official RO servers, and this Chon Chon is irritating and blocks my mighty way of jobchanging -_-"