cat tail quest guide request?

Started by faust-sayuri, Dec 31, 2009, 08:16 AM

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While googling I found this site
that claims such an item exists in RO... but only that forum has any info about the black cat tail (if you search our forum, it shows a sniper built with equipped black cat ears & tail >< )

I'd like to find/buy/quest the cat tail :) plx help!~


It's probably a custom item of your server.

And... that's a guide.

Quote from: The link you provided...Cat Tail

First go to Hugel and talk to Cat Girl(64,211).
She will ask you to deliver a letter to her big sister in Moscovia.

Once you are in Moscovia talk to Juju(268,157).
she will ask you to get some items:

40x Black Bear Skin
20x Fabric
300x Fluff
1x Belt[1]
1x Cactus Needle
1x Fresh Fish

Return to Juju in Moscovia (268,157) once you have the items.
Give the items to her and she will give you the Cat Tail.
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