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Started by Orange, Jun 16, 2009, 08:44 AM

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hahaha Thanks alot Mr Relic.   i did it!!  God bless u!!! ^_^


Nevermind I see why now...


Relic  i need the female .act in korean can you  post the link again? please...
thanks sir!

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Links are removed by Relic :(


Quote from: Relics on Jun 19, 2009, 11:34 AM
Any skill without sprite edit is ALWAYS a C
anything above C will do better with a sprite edit.
some skills have two ranks, this is because low-aspd and high-aspd can make a difference.
How to read the scale

C - Neutral
C+ - Slightly above neutral
B - Good
B+ Slightly above good
A - Very good
A+ Slightly above very good
A++ - Almost perfect
EA++ - Perfect

If there's something like B+-A+ it means the skill ranges between slightly above good to slightly above very good and etc.

- Cart termination    B+-A+    Low ASPD slightly, devastating at high ASPD (180-185)
- Hammer fall      A++   
- Mammonite       B+-A+    Same story as cart termination
- Throw tomahawk   B   

Assassin Cross
- Sonic Blow      EA++    Stackable with a Soullink or one Bragi, soullink + bragi is absolutely devastating (soullink bragi is only devastating at >170 aspd).
- Grimtooth      B-A+   With low ASPD, edit is better. High ASPD and the difference becomes very noticeable
- Venom Dust    A   
- Back slide      C+   Only slightly, and only at high aspd
- Enchant poison   A   Who would want to stack enchant poison anyway

- Full Strip      C+   Only with bragi does it make a difference. Slightly
- Double Strafe   B-A+   Depended on AGI but the difference on low ASPD and High aspd is very noticeable


- Double Strafe   B-A+   
- Sharp Shooting   C-A+   SS will only work with the edit if you have atleast -50% aftercast delay. Sniping suit helps GREATLY and I suggest you always use it when doing SS.
for WoE, sniping suit + bragi = absolutely devastating but the reason this skill gets a C is because its depended on a few factors.
You need a lot -aftercast delay
Bragi is almost always a must
The trick with SS is, when you have no -aftercast delay, then ASPD doesn't do anything, not even sprite edit/wpe helps increasing the speed.
Once you hit > -60% aftercast delay, ASPD will make a huge difference and so does the sprite edit.
- Arrow Shower    B   Nothing too fancy but slightly better.

Lord Knight

- Bowling Bash   B-A+   Depended on two factors, ASPD and DEX, since bowling bash has a 0.7s casting time which is reduced by dex, Low dex and Low ASPD means slightly noticeable while high dex and high aspd makes it a very easy skill to stack before your opponent is pushed back.
- Bash         A+   Bash is very interesting, at low ASPD the edit is VERY noticeable, it becomes less noticeable when comparing no edit-sprite edit with high ASPD.

- Pierce          B-B+   Slightly faster,
- Spear Stab      B-B+   Same as pierce
- Brandish Spear   B-A   Same as Bowling Bash

High Priest

- Heal         C-C+   You'll only see a slight difference with bragi and ASPD.. other then that, nothing noticeable
- Blessing      B-A   Noticeable to a degree with low ASPD, becomes very noticeable once you hit higher ASPD.
- Safety wall      C-A+   Sadly this A+ is only if you have high ASPD.. making this useless for the edit since I won't recommend ASPD on a priest (maybe a battle priest?)

High Wizard
- Ice wall      C-A+   Heavily influenced by ASPD, remember to use berserk pots on your wiz.
- Jupitel thunder   C-A+    Same as ice wall, heavily influenced by ASPD.
- Ganbantein      C-C+   Needs Bragi and some aspd to become spammable with the edit.
I recommend dancing gabant either way.
- Heavens Drive lvl1   C+   Slim to nothing and only with bragi

- Vulcan Arrow   A++   Though only A++ with the use of bragi, vulcan arrow becomes easily stackable with one.
- Musical Strike   A+   Very noticeable with any amount of ASPD

- Holy Cross      A+   Just like Musical strike, very noticeable with any amount of ASPD
- Provoke      C+-B   Slightly and depends heavily on ASPD
- Shield Boom      C+   Slightly and only with bragi
- Shield Charge   B    Interestingly, only at lower ASPD is there a notable difference.


- Palm Push Strike   A   Chaining 2 and up is now very easy.


- Demonstration   C+   Nothing fancy

- Magic Bullet      A   Such a stupid skill, but hey it works.
- Disarm      A-A+   Good skill and it works like a charm.
- Rapid shower   C-C+   Really only noticeable with bragi
- Bull's Eye      A
It's too bad that only the more mediocre skills from gunslinger are noticeable. I guess disarm is nice.

- Nothing here but us chickens!


- Get no love from sprite edit.

how about fire bolt and other type of bolt???


Under normal circumstances, there is no way to put the bolt's skill delay so down for animation delay to matter. And if you means there's alos GTB available and the bolts are useless.


Please Can someone updated the sprites? :( i got error..


@sonic blow: Agi reduces the initial animation delay, allowing to spam 1 2 or 3 SBs to be used in quick succession before the dmg animation(which can only be reduced by after cast delay reduction effects).
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You are a f*** idiot. Why you even bother to post here, I will never know. It is BEYOND ME.


pretty sure 3 is impossible unless on custom servers/ highrates, lol
Quote from: Jeon on Jun 04, 2009, 12:02 PM
XileRo is the only HR I know that has a reasonable PvP system. I did watch the RWC like you said, all I see is people spamming the room like every other gang fight there is in RO.


3 is very possible, just need high ASPD.. so you sacrifice STR or VIT.


Quote from: Jeon on Jun 04, 2009, 12:02 PM
XileRo is the only HR I know that has a reasonable PvP system. I did watch the RWC like you said, all I see is people spamming the room like every other gang fight there is in RO.


@relic can you post again the links? xD


I'm not supporting this anymore