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Started by Calamity, Nov 13, 2009, 06:11 AM

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1.what is wpe&rpe.and please give me youtube video is you have it friend said that aspersio increase ashura damage.true or false? champ is always lost to my friend champ[not from skill i have]because my friend said he use agi stat agi reduce delay skill?


1. Winsock packet editor and Redox packet editor.
They're used to alter incoming/and or sent packets (aka filtering) and sending packets on command, it's considered as packeting, which is illegal on most servers.

Altering packets can enable you to do lots of things, depending on how well a server is guarded.
here's an example:

altering the classchange packet then rapidly spamming hocus to quickly change mobs into MvP's

2. No, aspersio only changes element to holy, and asura is always neutral. So it has no effect.

3. No (not aftercast delay), it only increases ASPD which affects your server sided animation delay.. which almost all skills have.
tip: decrease agility