Lighthalzen and geffenia

Started by PhillepinO, Mar 15, 2007, 09:14 PM

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How do we get to geffenia03?

and lighthalzen?


for lighthalzen, i assume you mean the dungeon, you can get to the city via the airship if nothing else.  To go to the dungeon, you must fist enter the slums on the eastern side of the city (talk to the guard til he falls asleep or stops paying attention and you'll get by).  The head east, and up the ramp, then south a bit.  You'll find a man in a guard-like uniform.  Talk to him and he'll tell u to bring him 6 jellopies, and once you do he talks a lot about biolabs, then sends you into a small "room" w/ 4 portals.  unfortunately i don't remember which portal you have to take...almost every portal takes you to an identical "room" one of the south eastern portals from one of these rooms take u into a completely different room with seemingly no exit.  in this room, simply experiment around with all the items you find (or look up a guide for what exactly to do) and eventually you'll get a laboratory pass or something similar which will then allow you entrance to biolab dungeon (the entrance normally is the pipe in the slums just north of where you enter.

Hope this helps at least a bit...if not later i'll try to find a guide for yas.



how do u get to geffenia03?