About role play servers.

Started by Mary Magdalene, Jul 14, 2013, 10:15 AM

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Mary Magdalene

So yeah.. What does a role play server do in-game? XD From the word itself, i always think it's just like really a " role playing " but i don't really get it.
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Fruit Pie~

You, uh, roleplay. You know, make up a character with a storyline and motives and relationships instead of another forgettable mix-and-match stat and skill block. Then you pretend to be that character with other people who are doing the same! It's fun!

Along the way, you will also rape and/or be raped, depending. And meet a bunch of special snowflakes with a laundry list of psychological issues (when they're not the physical incarnation of a bizarre fetish). That is, of course, considering you can even get into their usual circlejerk or avoid the pitfall of RPing with people who think you need seven paragraphs worth of text whenever you want to say anything.

This explanation might be slightly biased.