[Renewal] about Guillotine Katar....

Started by kaitosyn, Jul 08, 2013, 06:11 AM

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in RMS database it said no slot, but in iRO database it [1], so..no slot or slot? how about kRO guillotine katar? is it has slot?


Checking some officials, I would say that it's [1].

bRO had the katar on some lottery events with [1]. RagnaTales, a well known brazilian website about RO updates, also has it as [1].
pRO forums have some posts with [1].
iRO has it too [1] but people say that it's an hidden slot.
kro - http://forums.irowiki.org/showpost.php?p=1057444&postcount=49

Probably it started without slot at the begin but was changed later to [1].


thanks for the reply, anyway i asked this question because in my server the GM said he will make the GKatar slotted if i have proof of kRO screenshot or information about guillotine katar [1]...so i really appreciate if anyone of you can help me with that...thanks a lot :)