customizing homunculus sprite/ client sided

Started by Ahn, Mar 04, 2011, 04:08 AM

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i simply want to know if theres a way to turn my amistr sprite into one of the mutated homunculus sprites. i've tried everything only to fail miserably.


Homunculus sprites can be found in "data\sprite\homun\"
You have to edit amistr.spr/act or amistr2.spr/act into anything you need.
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k so i got all the actor and grf editor stuff. read all the tutorials i could understand and actually managed to do some cool stuff to my homunculus(right now its a baphomet). but i still cant find the damn .act/.spr for the mutated homunculus. i dug around and found out its in some lub type file. which i have no idea how to find, so im going to just take a damn sprite sheet and make the act/spr files myself. anyways thanks for answering a question that was probably obvious to you, it really did help me out.