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Started by Wiko, Apr 26, 2009, 08:44 AM

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I play in a private server called AeRO and I see a lot of people with deviruchi as their pet, and if i'm not mistaken it's ability is STR, DEX and Agi  +6 for 20 seconds every minute, although i'm not even sure if it's true and if it works. But my question is do pets' abilities really work? (I've never had em because it seems really useless and troublesome), and if they do, then how come i don't see people taming peco-peco and riding them? Because i've heard that you can ride peco-peco once it's loyal or something.


Pet buffs have always been a custom, gravity has made official pet buffs but these are nothing spectacular..

it really depends on if the server has it implemented or not.


Riding Peco Peco is an ability only available for Swordmen class. To be more specific, Peco Peco is only ridden by the Knight branch, while the Crusader branch rides on Grand Peco. These Giant Birds are not owned by the players, they merely rent them similar to renting a Hawk/Falcon by the Hunter/Sniper Class. They also don't require any feeding.

Having said that, all players can also tame a Peco Peco as their pet. However, it cannot be ridden. Until recently, pets had no special abilities on official servers. Recently, some "stat" bonus have been added to a list of official pets. This created an inconsistency with eAthena, because eAthena had for some time implemented their own version of "pet skills" which varies greatly with the newly released official pet bonus. Thus, all eA servers are presented with the following options:

1. Disable all pet skills or pet stat bonuses (resembling an old version of official server)
2. Enable pet skills bonus (continue with the eAthena version of pets)
3. Enable pet stat bonus (adopting the newly released official pet bonus)

More information can be found at: