Insane zeny making?

Started by echo44, Nov 21, 2008, 01:04 PM

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Quote from: echo44 on Nov 21, 2008, 01:04 PM

   ok i got a freind that likes ro (alot) and makes 2 mils in an 1 day just by normal drops on a 10x server, on common lvling places... he has like 20  mil now and 2 tranz... can anybody explain m?! thats is freaking insane... alot rly rly insane...... 

PS: that pretty awsm....

thx for entering ....

If you wanna make money while just starting, try to level at places with decently valued drops. Or kill monsters whose loot you can overcharge for a nice amount (hillwinds, rachel sanctuary, stalactics, etc). Peach trees are also pretty good for the royal jellies and honeys they drop.

On a previous server (low rate), I made like 300m in a couple weeks. But lol, never made that much again at once. I had a lot of stuff in storage I just never sold. All old equips I didn't need or items I got while leveling and partying. I'd keep a sell topic open and bump it, selling to the people who offered best. Sometimes telling someone interested in an item of mine that *cough* "someone" else just so happened to offer higher. ;D

On some servers, I also managed to make a lot by making food. At some point I sold easy-to-make food for like 300k each during woe time. As long as nobody sold for much less than me, people bought it no matter how overpriced it was. All depends how desperate people are.

People will also pay a pretty penny for Bio 3, Thor, banshee, and even venatu leeching.

And lastly, some MVPs drop pricey items.


Personally I think the best way to make money is to know the economy and prices of things. Often people sell things for far cheaper than their real price is, they mainly do it to get some money fast or typos in the prices or jsut not knowing the real price. Stalk around popular vending spots and checks shops daily. You'll soon start to see a pattern in prices and know the average prices of items then when someone sells something for extremely cheap buy it fast and vend it yourself with the real price.

This is a risky method and requires you to have some starting cash, a merchant capable of vending and a decent server population to havea  healthy economy. For starting cash 5-10 mil should be enough and not too hard to make with normal loots. Then after you get started you can make enourmous profits by playing the market like this. The more money you get the more expensive items you can buy and thus make more profit.


Exactly, making lots of zeny is taking risks, having a monopoly on an item ie; valk armors / combat knifes will earn you ALOT if you know to play it well.

Overall: the risky dealer will either get more profit or lose more then the non-risky dealer.


Hunt items that are usually needed by the people. Basic Cards like Hydra Card is needed by almost all kinds of job so you could start hunting these kinds of items then sell to it people at a reasonable price.

So... i think that's how he did it.


Well if this helps, I get my money by hunting petite(the one that flies) to get "gokurin" and if you sell them to NPC it costs about 130k and of course that's without overcharge(Blacksmiths skill). Before I found out about this I was killing obeaune's for their witherless rose and it's saint's robe, but it's hard to get them because of low rate drops. You can find the flying petite outside of glastheim entrance, or outside of coalmine and go to the next area on the right.