How can I get Skull Cap [1]?

Started by Devarsul, Mar 06, 2020, 07:58 AM

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How can I get Skull Cap [1] please?
aso is there a wesite that tells u these kind of stuff
//also web: what sell and what to vend if there is one :O


Here is the list of official HG Quests you can make, typically on any RO server as long as the owner has not changed that:

This doesn't mean that the specific server you're playing on doesn't have a means of obtaining the Skull Cap, this might be a question better suited for the Forum/Discord of the server you are playing on.


so its an event hat? :O or how is it obtaied usualy at servers where it exists?  /hmm


There are many hats that are not obtainable from monster drop or quests.  Many of them are cash shop items in official server for a period of time then rotate to the next new ones to keep player interest with new releases.  There used to be official servers in many different countries so even if the hat exist in servers doesn't mean there is a way to get them other than gm with @item.  You could suggest to your server to create a quest for it or make it available by other means.