If we got Isekai'd into Ragnarok Online. What would you do?

Started by RosePastel, Mar 11, 2024, 10:24 PM

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I've been reading a lot of Isekai webcomics and I started wondering what I would do if I woke up a Lv1 Novice in real life. /hmm

I'd be so torn because I like all the jobs and I wouldn't be able to choose. After thinking about it, I might go as an Acolyte so I can teleport anywhere. /gg
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Alright, now we're talking!

Obviously you want to aim for magic swordsman, but that's not a class so instead I'd go for mage as soon as possible. You can't live a proper isekai without feeling OP. Next, you have to help low leveling novices to start growing your harem. Aim for a female priest and dancer for a good start. Make sure they have a clingy and forgettable personality. Insert flashback of your previous life. Bring the harem along with you on field maps and do a montage to level up until level ~50ish.

Next, since RO doesn't really have a Demon King, you'll want to find an antagonist guild for now. That'll do. Probably a guild that holds a castle or two, you know where this is going. Keep telling everyone they are evil bastards, without providing an actual reason. But more importantly, grow that harem a bit more, it should be the main focus until the end of the journey. Reach level 99 on the side. Insert another flashback.

Once you think the story starts to lose its focus, you can gather everyone and get the castle! Well, it's irrelevant at this point, you're overgeared, got all the girls, and nobody cares about anything else besides that. But you have to conclude your adventure, so become the new King of Prontera or something. The end.


Bang every Kafra in every town... (this is what you're thinking too!)


I don't watch anime or know what "Isekai'd" means but:

Step 1- Walk my donkey to Umbala.
Step 2- Kill myself.
Step 3- Wake up in the realm of the dead.
Step 4- Bang the Queen of the dead.

You kids can have the Kafra employees.
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Id do what I always do: grinding for alcohol and herbs.