how to make element weapon

Started by ahun, Jun 03, 2007, 09:04 AM

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i m new here, i would like to know how to make element property weapon...i mean forging pls tell me


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You cannot turn an existing weapon into an elemental, you have to craft a new weapon with element.

First off you will need a blacksmith, then you will need the ingredients for the weapon you want to make.

You can check here:

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After you have all the items, Double Click on the hammer in your inventory. Then choose the item you want to make. After that a box should pop up saying all the items needed to forge it.

To change the weapon your forging's element. You drop an elemental stone on that box(Rough Wind, Great Nature, Flame Heart, Mystic Frozen) and it will -attempt- to make it the element of the stone. Note, it can fail.. and you Can't use more then one element. Additionally you can add star crumbs to upgrade the shear attack power, you can add up to three of these (or an Elemental stone and two Star Crumbs).

Hope this adds more clearification.
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