Where to level?

Started by Quicksilver, Sep 18, 2007, 09:45 PM

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 i need help, i cant find a place to level im play in (125/125/40)im a sniper with 20str 101 agi 40 vit 100 dex 51 luck
i got good gear so where should i level i have a +10 composite 3 hydras so far about to be 4


you could make use of the skills sharp shoot, to mobbkill monsters like high orcs.

Also, i just want to add, that a HHHH Cmop bow might not be the best idea if you aim for the highest possible pvp damage. if mvp cards are available to you a HHTT, since it increases the damage modifier more, than a quad H would. If mvp cards arent available to you, a HHskel workerx2 Comp Bow would also do more damage.