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Started by xzenith42, Mar 25, 2007, 12:29 PM

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how...just, HOW does one kill these (on a normal server with 99/70 max trans base/job and 99/50 non-trans).  as far as i can tell, these things cannot be tanked...even if you have someone able to tank them (which i don't see how since i've seen a tank w/ 99 def and 50-sumthin mdef, cranial, raydric, and assumptio just crumble) all 5 of the spawns have, and USE snatch, a lot.  There's only 2 conceivable ways i can see to kill them...

1) bring a party of 50 or so people who are all prepared to die...A LOT (impossible on a small, growing server)

2) have several tanks w/ deviling/GTB combo (not exactly practical on a 5/5/4 server...)

anyone have any other thoughts?


Acid Demonstration, fly wing, repeat.


Me and a group of 12 friends took out the high priest once... 3 Priests(pretty much just res'd the whole time) 3 creator(you know what they did >_>) 3 champs(asura anyone? and root minions) 1 clown(Bragi!) 1 sinx(It was an SBk, spam in bragi) 1 sniper( FA spammed in bragi)

this was a mid rate server 99/70

It was rough, but we did kill it. She didnt drop anything good, as she doesnt have anything good XD. She just got in our way, we didnt exactly hunt it.
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