Help me choose pls (Classic Pre trans server)

Started by neoneoneo, Feb 15, 2016, 07:52 AM

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So ive been choosing between two classes for solo pvp.
An assassin or a rouge.

Skills modified
Assassin's venom splasher skill doesnt need the 3/4 hp requirement to be casted on to the enemy
Rouge's backstab skill doesnt make the target turn around once backstab hits.

These are the only modified skills with a significant difference in gameplay. Other changes are only minor. The server im playing we be only on pre trans. (NO Lk,pally,champ and whatsoever)

It would be classic and no custom items will be added.

Help me choose pls. If you think other characters are more viable for solo pvp i would be open for suggestions but i would prefer choosing only within these two classes.

Some builds or strategies would be highly appreciated  /o /o /o