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Started by ngjoko, Nov 16, 2008, 02:24 AM

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Where can you get the cookbooks? Can't seem to find any no matter where i look.
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level 1 - 5 have to be obtained through a quest
level 6 - 10 can be gained by killing mobs =3


Huh? There's a quest for it? Can you tell me more about it, like the starting point and required stuff? It seems really interesting and i wanna try them out.
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ah okay,  well it starts in the prontera kitchen =3
(inside the main castle of pront, first portal to your west)

basically all you'll need is a chef's hat, and 1 of each level 1 food (you will get the level 1 cook book after you have the chef hat and you talk to the npcs)


Chef Hat Quest
* TIP: The hat is only used when talking to the NPC, "Charles Orleans". U don't need to wear the hat when you cook. So, if you know someone who have a Chef Hat, you could borrow it just to complete the Cooking Quest.

Cooking Quest

Cooking Books
After completion of the cooking quest, you will be able to obtain the Level 1-5 cookbooks by trading some food items with "Charles Orleans" located in Prontera castle. The following is a list of the required items needed for "Charles Orleans" to give you a cookbook.

Items Needed to Borrow a Cooking Book
Level 1 Cookbook - 10 Pumpkins
Level 2 Cookbook - 5 Well Baked Cookies
Level 3 Cookbook - 5 Sushi (Buy from Sushi Master NPC, Amatsu)
Level 4 Cookbook - 5 Bao
Level 5 Cookbook - 10 Shoot

*TIP: You can only borrow one book at a time. If you are a cooking enthusist, do the quest on several characters. So, you can have access to all five Cookbooks at any one time. The book is on loan, please don't loose it. Charles Orleans will not be very happy if you do.

Cookbooks for Level 6-10 recipies are dropped only by monsters.

Monster Drop
Level 6 Cookbook - Orc Lady, Requiem, Pirate Skeleton
Level 7 Cookbook - Evil Druid
Level 8 Cookbook - Gemini-S58, Deathword
Level 9 Cookbook - Turtle General, Deathword
Level 10 Cookbook - Maya Purple

Current eAthena Cooking Success Formulae
70% - 7*FoodLevel% + SetLevel*12%

However, the current eAthena formula appears to be incorrect, thus a bug report was filed. It may or may not change in the near future to more accurately emulate kRO. Follow up with your GM for any future eAthena updates.


Wow, thanks guys. It's been a great help.

But it's really hard to get the chef's hat. I'm a bit overweilmed by the Dragon Scales. I use battle acolytes and merchants, so i don't dare to fight petites. I always fight safe cuz my builds are pretty much balanced and my weapons sucks.

I'll try to finish the quest ASAP and cook some level 6~10 foods to vend. XP

Thanks again. :)
Come and join HeRO, it's lots of fun. ^^


IMO best cost-effective food is lvl5 str food. The only thing you need that is not buyable is honey. So if you want to be mass producer of food...pancakes FTW :D