Cursed Spirit Quest Bug

Started by maeknight, Dec 16, 2013, 01:09 AM

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I'm sorta stuck at this quest. It's when I gave the pendant to the crippled girl and then when I get out, there was no pop out gratitude shing bang from the ghost.  /hmm
Anyway, my character is in aero server TURBO job HIGH MAGE name is Way of the Sword
Hope that you can help me with this.


Ah, isn't better to ask the staff of the server about it? They could have it changed.

Anyway, reading a guide about it ... talked with the girl inside the house after giving the pendant?
"Talk to the girl and show her the pendant, and listen to her story of what the pendant means to her. Then tell her as gently as possible, and then offer her some comfort. If you tell her the brutal truth and get kicked out, simply keep retrying to enter the building and the door will eventually unlock. "


It is a bug, I have seen it on several servers. I believe it is from Rathena.
Solution: You have to wait till server restarts then the popup will appear but only for the first one to arrive. Then next one has to wait again for a server restart.