Started by PhillepinO, Mar 14, 2007, 02:30 PM

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I was wondering who to hunt for sunglasses?

I am thinking of getting em myself to give for my whole guild as a "guild accessorry"

and a flu mask or assassin mask xD

thank you in advance. =D


i think that sunnies is an opb/obb item only (at least on most servers)

flu mask is phreeoni (or is that gangster mask?)

assassin's mask is incantation samurai.


wat is opb or obb?


on the server im playing in.. i see some merchants selling it..

i thnk they have a monopoly on such things. xD


sorry, opb = old purple (violet) box, obb = old blue box.  Some severs have a quest to make them, others you can only obtain them from the boxes i mentioned.  i'm assuming that you want the slotted version-sunglasses [1]-'cause i don't see why merchants would vend them otherwise since you can simply buy the non-slotted ones (sadly i forget where) from an NPC shop. 


i was wondering about the nonslotted ones lol!

thanks for the help..

now the new question is.. which shop sells the sunglasses?  o.O


*looks into*
Posted on: March 14, 2007, 03:00:20 PM
ok, got it...

it's in izlude, down near where you buy icecream.

hope this helps ^_^



You can also buy geek glasses in alberta!  ;D
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still cant find it >.<


where's ice cream?

the closest thing i've seen in izlude is the fashion glasses quest.

it requires me to go get jack'a dandy and scarlet dye.


isn't sunglasses in Alberta? unless they moved

either in the Armor/Weapon Shop of Alberta down south of the middle street near the kafra there

or in the glasses shop hmm that's the shop in front of the Alberta hotel.


Sunglasses are in Alberta (equip store), for 5k.

Flu Masks are in Morroc (equip store), for something like 200z. I don't remember exactly.