Help please.... equips.. lvlin.. money

Started by irkou, Dec 26, 2006, 11:16 PM

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i play aeRO and i posted this on the board but it takes a while for a responce.... so.. first

what are the things needed for elf king ears?

how do ppl survive in Biolab 3? in my server... theres tons of monsters there..... u can get 255/80 in my server

and how do ppl maek so much money? i see priests have like 900 mill...... and ppl say thats nothing..... i hunt diamonds in pyd 4 but its kinda slow.....


Well considering the level that your server permits, Im sure a lot of the characters can survive quite well in there. In a generically lower level server, most people level by having a Champ walk in, Asura, die, and return, until the monster is killed. Then they move on to the next one. As for killing the MvP's, I've never seen it myself. I believe our guild's Lord Knight uses Tao Gunka and Berserk after being fully Buffed (w/ Assumtio). Just a guess though.

As for making money, hunting specific items is the way to go. Try to find what is in demand and hunt for that. Ghostring Cards, MvP cards or loots, highly refined weapons (+10 saber for instance), or other useful items and cards (Stone Buckler, Rudra, Thara Frog card, etc...) will sell for a high amount. Don't ask me for the price though, as different servers have different economies.

I've never heard of Elven King's Ears. That must be a special server item. Generic Elven Ears can be found on Giearth's at a .01 x rate %. So if your server is x10, it would be .1%, etc.

Hope that helps irkou.