help a new guildmaster please :)

Started by laecertus, Oct 23, 2006, 07:34 AM

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ok started a guild in trinity (kalel) got it to 50 :) got some fair and strong members and sunday :) got a castle ;D
but i didn t find a thing in the tresure room so please someone explain to me how it works :(


from the time i was a gm (lol like more than a year ago) castle with zero eco has an initial of 3 boxes.  Now i just looked at the script there is a line that says in the comment:

//= 1.4 New number of Treasure Boxes per castle: 25 at 100 Economic pts [Lupus]
//=   So you get your first chest only when your Economic Pts >= 4

so yea, you need to invest in your castle to get treasure, if you do the math, looks like it's 4 eco point per box spawn.  Remember to invest everyday, cuz you can only invest a limited amount per day.  Because of the dumb eco rule "law of diminishing return" as your eco grow, you need more and more zeny to invest to get one more eco point.  When your castle is taken by other ppl, the eco point will drop by x amount (x = 5? not sure).  So, say your castle has 10 eco point now, someone took it, it goes down to 5, then you take it back, uh-oh it's going back to zero.  If you took someone's healthy castle, and you think you can't keep it in the next woe, hehe, evil you can surrender it, that will auto drop the castle eco to ZERO, lol all money previously invested goes to waste. 

good luck with your castle.


:O that explains it a bit  but omg i only found dB's and elu s and a sloted  buckler sob and iw anted to share with the other s equip sobbut don t worry my max potter build is coooool ;D /no1
BTW what s this tribal solidarithy item for ???