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Started by Misterpanda8, Aug 18, 2019, 07:41 AM

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In kRO with new August update of increased level cap to 200 from 185, up from 15, does it have pink aura and does it take like 700 million XP to take from level 199 to 200?
Does it have reduced XP to take from base level 150 to 200 literally?


Years from now kRO it's going to be Base 500 Job 80  /omg


how do you find the time to get to level 200 on 1x rates  /hmm




Pretty sure i have an account on all your servers, dont i



Probably KRO wants an endless gameplay. I can see the future that senior citizens playing Ragnarok Online.


199 to 200 requires 6,900,393,572 EXP alone.
Yes, the aura is still the pink one.

And the EXP from 100-185 was reduced by roughly 10b alone. But 100-200 takes a total of 60,674,823,709 EXP now.

Shining Moon Servers:
Helheim - kRO-like official gears. Max Level 200/70
Niflheim - jRO, iRO and kRO gears. Max Level 200/70