Gravity revamping game mechanics

Started by bleu, Jul 31, 2008, 07:45 AM

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anyways... are there any servers (eAthena in particular) that have decided they will not be implementing any proposed change by Gravity/eAthena? If u are not implementing the game mechanic changes (STR, ATK, FLEE, etc...) ... how do u ensure that the game is balance for 3rd class (unless u dont plan to get 3rd class on your server)


I don't think any server is gonna take that kind of decision before knowing what the changes are exactly, we still only have only bits and pieces of information ^_^;
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If these updates ACTUALLY happen it will screw over all the high-rate people :)
Well unless they actually TRY and change the monster levels.. o_o

I'd love it of course, since I think change is awesome

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And the server is live! Some people who would be better off dead are already playing.

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Oh, and Gravity released an official monster world map, the numbers are presumably levels. It's iRO Wiki attachement so you probably won't be able to see it lolz.

QuoteSome specific changes were mentioned in the patch notice. In particular:

Safety Wall: When the wall absorbs its maximum number of hits, it no longer blocks physical attacks. However, you'll be unable to re-cast safety wall on that cell for a short delay period.

Storm Gust: Stormgust had its chance to freeze changed.

Level 1: 25% chance to freeze
Level 2: 30% chance to freeze
Level 3: 35% chance to freeze
Level 4: 40% chance to freeze
Level 5: 45% chance to freeze
Level 6: 50% chance to freeze
Level 7: 55% chance to freeze
Level 8: 60% chance to freeze
Level 9: 65% chance to freeze
Level 10: 70% chance to freeze


QuoteThis is the exp chart I've recorded to date:

level 1 - 550 exp
level 3 - 1500 exp
level 4 - 2200 exp (killing porings for 30 exp)
level 5 - 3200 exp (killing fabres for 60 exp)
level 7 - 4200 exp (killing hornets for 90 exp)
level 9 - 5000 exp (killing hornets for 80 exp)
level 10 - 5500 exp
level 11 - 6000 exp (killing rockers for 114 exp)
level 12 - 6100 exp
level 13 - 6350 exp
level 15 - 7350 exp
level 17 - 8400 exp
level 23 - 12000 exp
level 34 - 23000 exp (killing coco for 312 exp)
level 35 - 24000 exp
level 36 - 26000 exp
level 37 - 27500 exp
level 38 - 29000 exp (killing orc ladys for 445 exp)
level 49 - 50500 exp (killing orc zombies for 470 exp)

Obviously the monsters give 10x the listed exp here on the test server.


Hahah funny, the closer you get to the "main" cities, weaker the monster becomes.


eh i kinda half expect gravity to bail out on this once they do a bit of extensive testing

but we'll see what happens, either way it sounds interesting


Quote from: ~~T~~ on Aug 28, 2008, 01:22 PM
Hahah funny, the closer you get to the "main" cities, weaker the monster becomes.

logic XD

in most of novel/films, all monster around town is weaker one than in dungeon or far far away forest =x

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The world is getting more and more broken everyday...

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Quote from: Anti-Static Foam Cleaner on Aug 29, 2008, 01:01 AM
It was always like that.

For sure.

But these changes are kind of interesting. I might check it out once I've had my exams...
QuoteWhatever floats your boat.

Sarin it explains...many things. Unfortunately, one of things I'm kinda sure of will be more "tank plz" noobs.


Monsters are fueled by  blood/ or something that human has thats why they fight us, so why the hell the strongests are aways away? They should be like f*** atroce

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Porings are fueled by human blood? I guess that's why they're pink.


Porings are half-dried lumps of human blood >.>
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