Gravity revamping game mechanics

Started by bleu, Jul 31, 2008, 07:45 AM

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Quote2. STR affects Vit DEF
3. AGI also affects Vit DEF

Haha, You almost got me on this one.

Quoteint + dex/5 + level/4 + luk/3 + int/2.

Bye bye high rates that you can have all stats 9999.

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Interestingly enough, after managing to digest that... I don't mind a lot of those changes. o_o; I mean, hopefully they'll take some things into consideration - I hope they'll widen the ranges of where the higher or lower levels start really effecting things a little more are farther than this - and a few classes are going to really cry with the speed change - mostly battle profs, as speed was kind of a virtue for their damage - but it really isn't horrid. It's just... A lot to take in. o.o

I don't have lots of confidence in Gravity, but I hope they'll look through a few things and make adjustments to this and that as it needs it. Still, in terms of low~mid level game, I think this might be a good thing. =D

... High~super high rates are going to have major problems keeping any sense in balance without making just as many changes to compensate, however, if they're one of the few that have them. =P


The fun of RO was the High Speed, people locking action, not "Hey guys, in some minutes I will attack again!"


I think RO will stay as fast as before. Without that, 3-1 classes will get too fast.


Who knows, maybe the revamp will be good, I guess time will tell if Gravity have the right mindset for this and improve the game, or utterly screw it. If it's bad, I sense quite a few private server will keep the old system, then it will be up to players.
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Heh.. looks allot like the MouRo stat system... but less complicated.


Quote from: Dew on Aug 04, 2008, 02:45 PM
Heh.. looks allot like the MouRo stat system... but less complicated.
Spoilers below:
Skotlex secretly works for gravity

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Anyone still cares? I just opened the iRO wiki thread randomly and...

QuoteWeapon attack differs from the final damage you see. With a level 1 weapon, the real damage you see is 2.1 times the weapons attack power. With a level 2 weapon, this modifier becomes 2.2 times, level 3 is 2.3x, and level for finally is 2.4x. The refine bonus is calculated the same as it was before, but its also modified by this modifier. However, the size modifier of your weapon is a much bigger deal now because the size modifier modifies the final damage instead of just weapon attack. This means with the right combination of weapon and stats, you could in fact do less damage with a weapon than you do unarmed. Weapons that have a 50% size modifier are hardest hit by this.

QuoteThe way ATK increases is, the base increase is +1 atk per str, for every second point it becomes +2 instead, and every 5th point is +3. This way, a character with 100 STR will have 100 + 50 + 25 = 175 atk. Note this is down from 200 atk, a 25 drop from the current system. At lower STR the damage is higher though, and at 70 str both systems provide the same increase. Basically the value of having high STR has dropped, and its probably unlikely it will change.

Casting Time:
QuoteIt's been reported that bolt cast time is considerably shorter than it was before. Firebolt 10 for example is reported as having a 1s fixed/3.5s variable cast time.

QuoteThe mark its believed is that 300 total int+dex = complete reduction of variable cast time. Again I'm just going on what they say though.

Which means it has 3.5s cast time which is reduceable by DEX and INT *and* 1 second fixed cast time you can never go below(Actually you can with the cards, but this might be a bug/overlook). 150 INT and DEX is achieveable, but no more instacasts.
Storm Gust at the moment is thought to have 8 second FIXED cast time.
Acid Bomb has a fixed cast time.

Heal is heavily affected by mATK.

Oh and finally, because it's not like they can just rip off the files and look at the bones, at this point all this is speculation, not to mention it can change anytime on Gravity's whim.

(Credit goes to Doddler and that one dude with funky avatar)


I really hope Gravity will think about it...this looks bad. VERY bad. With such things, I foresee...tons of agi/vit chars withv coma-inducing weapons and overupped MDEF equip...goodbye RO...

Looks like instead of nerfing those few imbalanced skills like AD, EDP or Asura, they just nerf attack altogether. Geez, very smart. Now there will be no way how to counter all those potspamming empbreakers.


What I think: They probably have to do this considering that if they kept the old system and implemented the new classes, everything would be corrupted.  Meaning, the new classes that will make players even stronger than now, will definitely take a big hit toward their skills in playing the actual game.

Keeping the old system and having new stronger classes makes the skill difference between two players less, making it almost easy for nearly everyone who's level 150, and harder to know who has the brains/skills in RO or not.

Plus, if players were to get to level 150, monsters would be rather ridiculous and terribly weak against them as well as MVPs, WoE would be pointless in recruiting those "old" classes, the new skills would either be even greater (making them look like gods) or the same compared to other skills... making the new classes pathetic and useless excluding the extra stat points and whatnot.

Having to change the levelling system was needed as well since level 150 would be insanely hard to achieve in a server with 1/1/1 rates.
And since the levelling system was changed, the monsters had to be changed to fit and meet the standards of levelling.

In addition... the stats were definitely something they had to change since at level 150, you acquire more stat points and would possibly have only so left to put it in before reaching 99 stats of whatever you need.

I don't know what's the point of moving the monsters around though.  Kinda seems dumb to do so.

They're making this somewhat more realistic.  The equipment having it's roles and effects toward the player's capabilities seems more realistic as well as the new way of how stats are being distributed.

They're also defining the classes themselves a bit more, like an Assassin or rogue would have overall more attack speed compared to other classes... They don't want to see a wizard being capable in attacking as fast as an assassin.

I somewhat like how they're doing this because it makes sense... but it just kills my love for RO even more and makes me think of the gameplay is going to be crap as a novice to 99 but not 150.  Basically less fun than what it is now but maybe more fun when levelling to 99 to 150.

To sum it all up, they're making it so that you can become what you are nowadays as a level 150 instead of 99.

Example: A level 99 sniper would be worse than the level 99 sniper after this update. HOWEVER! A level 150 sniper (or whatever the new class is) would be either just as good as the "old" level 99 sniper or even better.

All of this was made so that the new classes could exist and become balanced and not some super god-like classes.  Besides, you won't be losing that much in owning since you'll probably own just as much now and maybe more as a level 150.


When I try to make conclusion from what we know about it so far...
Apparent increase of defense, as well as reducing physical damage dealing capabilities. No sign of reducing hp/sp modifiers, so we will likely see 40k+ hitpoint chars, and no word about nerfing any healing possibilities. Conclusion: physical attacking classes will be reduced to tanks/status dealers, cast breakers and assassins will become pure empbreakers. There seems to be some increase in magical capabilities, but it's hard to judge so early.

I really hope Gravity will think about it, at least I hope for nerfing vitdef and hp/sp mods.


Actually there's been some news about healing. The formula has changed definitely. Its influenced by Magic Attack as well.

A level 98 high priest with 120 int (with mediatio) has a base heal of 1000. With a +8 healing staff that heal becomes 1600 ~ 1900, and with a lich's bone wand it goes up to 1800~2400. When the effects of the Angelic Ring activate, the heal goes up to 2700.

No idea what's an Angelic Ring. But this is just lvl98 Trans... if an 150 Arc Bishop is INT built as well, its sure to go above 3000+ heal.


I didn't know the numbers, there was too many unknown variables (effect of items etc...). Now when you provided the numbers...geez. A good Archbishop will be able to tank entire guild then.

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i hope these changes work out...ive been worrying about it since i read about it like a few days ago..oh well not as if private servers HAVE to update..and eathena might not change to it :S