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Started by bleu, Jul 31, 2008, 07:45 AM

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I was surprised this topic was not mention on RMS. Anyways, Gravity launched a new test server and they are changing the game mechanics in preparation for the coming 3rd Class.

Some noted changes on the test server
1. DEX also influences Magic Attack
2. STR affects Vit DEF
3. AGI also affects Vit DEF
4. Scaled Experienced. If the differences between your base level and the monsters base level is greater or equal to 4, u will be penalised. -50%, -60%, -70%, -80%... so ... better u will need to change maps and find new monsters to kill
5. The level of monsters will be revised.

As you can imagine, its kinda chaotic at the moment... all the apparent Experts are equally at a lost on what to kill to level up. They will need to Sense the monsters level and their new stats to determine if its worth killing. To add to further confusion, it seems that some monsters are being moved. So everyone, new and old players will be in the same situation... trying to figure out what is the best NEW BUILTS.


I hope the changes wont make too much of an impact, the more they try to resemble other MMO the more they'll lose the RO player who like the game as it is right now and have no wish to play a new type of RO.
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well, that will definitely make impact on leveling and builds. I hope those XP penalties for levels will not be so high, since with 50%+ penalties, mobbing will become useless...

Also, there are some changes I miss. Instacast is first, because Warlocks will be able to reach dex 150 comfortably. Increased Vitdef? Oh my, anybody without defignoring stuff will now become useless. Geez, is Gravity trying to sink RO for good?


A description by Doddler about kRO community's reaction.

There's a lot of complaints but I'm not sure how credible they are, since people tend to complain when ever something changes. There's a lot of wide scale confusion among long time players because they don't know anything really about the game anymore. I mean, where do you level when no one knows what monsters are anymore, or where they are? Some people's complaints are like "I've been playing RO for 6 years and now everything I've learned is useless". There is some concerns that the game isn't as fast paced as it used to be, but its possible that that again is simply due to players going back into roles as a novice again.

Some people have taken to calling the update 'RO3', because its such a departure from existing RO that they consider it almost an entirely different game. not sure yet if that's good or bad though.


I've seen many games ruined when they wanted to make "major changes", namely Diablo II and Star Wars Galaxies.

Let's be honest, they wont get many new players with the new classes, so they should work on keeping their existing player base, not scare them away.
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Can't Gravity get any love on this. :(

I personally think this is a welcome change. I mean keeping the same maps for the past six years... Excessive much? I dunno, I personally think changing it around every once in a while makes the game feel fresh and avoid the monopolization/hogging. As for the people complaining... Have you even tried these changes before complaining? Do you like using the same map for the past six years? Do you not want to try something different build wise? Are you afraid of any change?

But I will say this... I hope if they're going to add that new build type they better add something for the veterans so they can try out new builds on their old charies instead of making a new lvl 99 just to see what they can change build wise.

Also Ice Pick/thanatos(rare I know) for defense. Rips em apart.


I dont see how changing a few formulas will "revamp" the game mechanics, you guys worry too much. Some of the changes mentioned are just speculations, no real info is out about it yet.

Even so, changes are always good to keep people addicted to the game, you will have a whole set of new builds to try now.

As a side note, ITS ABOUT DAMNED TIME THEY NERFED HEAL. Now nerf teleport please.



Shouldn't they be concentrating on RO2 since it's basically crappy right now with a unfinished storyline?


Well, think of people on official serv. Let's say you can't reset unless you donate for a kafra item and they change the way the stats work, you're whole build is now useless >_<;;.. that would kinda suck.

I'm not saying it'll be bad, but I have my reserve, I've seen other games before being ruined with they tries to change it too much. If it aint broken don't fix it xD
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Ok, I read up a bit, and first, a spot-on analysis by Doddler, amazing how all this Touhou didn't melt his brain yet:

Quote from: DoddlerI understand gravity's position, the game balance started to break when they added trans, but now its really impossible for them to scale content any higher without some changes to the basic game system. They can't give players more defense now because they'll simply take 0 damage (100 def limit). The balance between hit and flee basically means if there's a 75 point gap between hit and flee, you can never be hit, and vice versa, if there's no gap, you can never dodge. They cannot make characters attack any faster, because well, its impossible. In order for them to add new content to the game, they have to scale the game back and rethink things. This does mean that if they want to make faster attackers, players are going to have to attack slower now, and if they want to add fast casters, well, they can't exactly be doing instant casts. In doing so they appear to want to make the game more balanced, and if the renewal test server is 3x rates that I think it is, it also means that leveling is again easier. I'm not sure how it will play out in the end.

Reading his further snippets of info on the thread on iRO Wiki forums, it seems that your level affects just about everything now - damage, defense, to hit, etc.(Probably also Heal, reports say level 70 Priest with 99 Int heals 1000-1300 and yes it varies now) This is a very, VERY good thing as it makes the game less gear-dependant, and if 3rd classes can reach level 150, that makes them about 50% better at just about everything - not counting the new skills and HP/SP.

What's not so good in my eyes is the player/monster XP scaling, because in Diablo 2(Only game which did it that I know of) it was pretty damn annoying. Then again, it was so only because I always play on p8, and it does limit retarded stuff like Archers cliff-sniping or even geoing. So it's just bad memories, mostly.

More: Doddler's speculation was right - attack speed(and I think we can safely say casting speed as well) is down all across the board. Luck has been HEAVILY un-nerfed, just look at this:

And it seems that attack cards are somewhat bugged now:

All in all, I think Gravity's doing the right thing, not that it will help them any on the market, but I think serious rebalancing is long overdue. Let's hope they will bring back some ideas from before they got hacked too!

Ansuz Isaz

Even if it is broken, there's another saying: "Stitches before surgery." Patching up a few things might not be horrible, and adjusting things are fine. If you really, really want these changes to make an effect, do them over a large time frame. At least give people the chance to get used to one change before making another.

If the status change goes off that horribly, it might not even make it to the private servers, so, in that respect, we might not have to worry that much. xD It just depends. Still, I do share the pity with some of the people on iRO and other official servers.

They're also making damn sure mages stick to the INT / DEX build routine, if DEX also increases magic power. XD


Yea..these changes will definately need some getting use to by players. But what will change when they de-nerf Luck, what exactly does it affect??

QuoteIf the status change goes off that horribly, it might not even make it to the private servers, so, in that respect, we might not have to worry that much. xD It just depends. Still, I do share the pity with some of the people on iRO and other official servers.

Thats what makes us safe, if the third classes and new changes ruin Gravity completely we will be unaffected. Ugh all this suspense about these new classes and changes ae killing me already.....its still gonna be at least a year for private servers.

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Just compare the two screens. Getting +30LUK increased his ATK, mATK, HIT, CRIT, and Flee by 10.

[Edit]More pie:


On kRO on July 28th Gravity set up a new test server for their Ragnarok Renewal Project. The Renewal is a full scale re-balancing of Ragnarok. The plan is to make RO more accessible to users, and more in line with modern day MMORPG's. In addition, the new mechanics are intended so that they can easily add and improve on current game content (such as 3rd jobs) without destroying game balance.

The following is a list of currently known changes.

Increased Weighting of Level Difference
- Players are rewarded for fighting monsters within their level range.
- If a player is over 3 levels above a monster, the experience of that monster decreases by 50%, and then an additional 10% for each additional level.
- If the monster is higher level than the player (up to 10 levels), the exp value is increased by 5% per level difference. - However, if the monster is over 10 levels above the player, the player will be unable to properly damage that monster.

Physical Attack Power
- Calculation of physical damage has changed.
- The status windows shows your attack power as comprising of a status portion and a weapon portion.
- Strength no longer appears to exponentially improve attack power.
- The weapon portion of the attack consists of a higher % of the damage than before.

Physical Defense
- Calculation of physical defense has changed.
- The status window shows defense as consisting of status defense + armor defense.
- Armor defense appears to do more in reducing damage.
- Defense in general appears to be reduction type defense now. The exact formula is not known.
- Level difference also appears to affect damage taken from attacks.
- Status Defense comprises mostly of VIT, with STR and AGI also providing bonus defense.

Magic Attack Power
- Calculation of magic attack has changed.
- The status window no longer displays a range of damage. Instead, it shows a status portion and a weapon portion.
- Magic damage now takes the attack power of your weapon in consideration. The attack power of all equipment usable by magic using classes has been adjusted accordingly.
- Magic attack seems more equipment reliant than it was in the past.
- The formula for equipment matk is matk = int + dex/5 + level/4 + luk/3 + int/2.

Magic Defense
- Calculation of magic defense has changed.
- Like physical defense, consists of status mdef + armor mdef.
- Magic defense appears to be geared more towards subtraction type, and also affected by level.
- Status MDef is comprised primarially of INT, with VIT and DEX providing some additional benefit.

Attack speed
- Attack speed has changed considerably.
- For the most part, the game has been balanced to be slower paced than before. Players will probably attack about half as fast.
- Attack speed is influenced by class, type of weapon, and the players agility, and to a lesser extent dexterity.
- Equipping a shield appears to lower your attack speed.

Hit/Dodge Rate
- The formula for Hit/Flee have changed.
- The ratio to hit and dodge a monster are now different. It is now easier to hit or dodge, but it is harder to achieve a perfect hit or dodge rate.
- Hit and flee are affected by the same stats as before, with the addition of a small bonus from luck.

Cast Time
- Cast time appears to have changed considerably.
- At present, it does not appear as though stats affect your casting speed.
- Casting time of skills appears to be fixed, and can be reduced by a set amount with gears and supportive skills.
- The cast time of most skills have been adjusted to be balanced based on the new casting rules.

- Luck now affects more things than it did before.
- Every 3 luck improves your atk/matk/hit by 1. Every 5 luck improves flee by 1. Crit is increased by 0.3% per 1 luck.

Monster Stats & Spawn
- All existing monsters have been changed to be appropriate to the new balance changes.
- Generally monster HP has been reduced considerably across the board to compensate for slower attacks and rate of damage. On average, monsters are seeing about a 60% drop in HP.
- The attack power of monsters and their skills are changed to be more in line with the current defense formula, and generally monsters also attack slower.
- Most monsters have had their level increased or adjusted to be appropriate for players of their level range.
- Some areas have been changed to be efficient leveling areas for certain level ranges. For example, Upper Clocktower has monsters within the level 80-90 range.
- Almost all spawns across the game world have been adjusted in some way.

Skill Changes
- Some skills have been re-balanced.
- Heal appears to heal for a range instead of a set number. Like MATK, the attack of the weapon you have equipped affects the amount you heal for. Most priest weapons have been adjusted to take this into account.
- Other examples are not yet known.

Experience Table
- The experience required to level up has changed.
- For the most part, leveling is easier than it is now, and less drastic at high levels.

Status Effects
- Most status effects have changed.
- The probability and durration of status effects have all changed.

- Many items appear to have been rebalanced.
- Some options have had their stats changed, and some have new options.

No wonder iRO players are scared and confused Gravity threw this huge wall of text at them. change can be scary especially when you play iRO and it costs you money. Like it was said before, change should be taken in little bits over a long period of time not HUGE WALLS OF TEXT ANNOUCE A 100% GAMEPLAY REFORMATION!!!