Favorite MVP?

Started by yhjuiioklko, Jan 19, 2011, 10:38 PM

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my favorite is NaughtSeiger coz that is awesome


Hmm I guess mine is Lady Tanee. Because she can be annoying and I like bananas.  /lv

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I can tell you my least favorite.

Tanee by far is the most annoying mvp you'll ever see. You don't even have to hit her for her to start running away.


Golden Thief Bug. Thanks to this video:


Goldfish Nagger

Maya is my favorite MVP


Hard to decide between Thanatos or Fallen Bishop :l

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My favorite MvP is Eddga I nickname him my big cuddly toy, he is also a good crashtest MvP.


IF i had to pick... GTB. It was the first MvP i ran into (before i knew what MvPs even were). I also like the fact that he is passive.


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Lol, thanatos... good drop and powerful


Favorite in terms of appearance has to be Atroce. The red glow on his eyes when taking damage looks too cool.

Favorite one to kill would be Baphomet. His skillset is so much fun, and it's funny how he can easily tear people apart despite being a low-level MVP.

Favorite MVP overall... well, I guess I'll go with Lord Knight Seyren. Every aspect of badassity right there.

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tao gunka , because have a lot of HP if use the card ^^


VR just coz it looks so mythical  /lv


my favorite mvp?
phreeoni because it is cute and very easy to kill (CUTE? WTF) hahahaha


Gotta love the maidens,

Randgris and WM