Favorite MVP?

Started by yhjuiioklko, Jan 19, 2011, 10:38 PM

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Actually, yea. Valk.  /ok

And Bacsojin <3


I like Eddga the most, or the Turtle General because they could be so tough with normal attacks but with the proper weapons and armors to protect you, it will be just a walk in the park.

With my sin X though, I really enjoyed hunting the Amon Ra MVP which I could eliminate in just an average of 30 seconds, that is with normal server settings. I also don't party up with priests for support as I know I am better off doing things alone.


Not sure if she counts as an MVP, but Piamette because she's so cute but scary at the same time :3


Hmm.. I like beelzebub, the true form looks gr8

and I like maya too because she's topless  /swt


I remember always hunting this in pRO and getting pipes. xD.


My favourites are Ifrit, VR and any Lhz MvP. Because on HRs where I usually play they are very challenging and need a party to defeat.
Never got the chance to fight MvPs on LRs so no opinion here. /hmm
From the looks I would say I like Dracula most.


Atroce <3. Looks like a werewolf to me, and werewolves are pretty badass.

Creme Poofs

I love Moonlight Flower. Cause I always wanted to run around naked when I was a kid.

I'd also like to add that Eclipse is my fav mini boss. /gg


Sniper Shecil and Assasin Cross Eremes, because the card from this 2 mvp cool and cute  /no1


Favorite MVP, Maya
cuz she smexy. <3


Kiel D-01 - Mainly because he's quite mysterious and he's pretty fun to hunt; I like his card as well (I play mostly caster classes).

Atroce - Cool looking MvP overall.

Golden Thief Bug - Ohhh GTB, such a troll MvP.  I used to enjoy dropping Poring Cards for it to snag so that the next MvPer would s*** themselves thinking that they got its Card upon killing it.  =P


GTB because this is my first mvp that i encountered when i played ro


General Egnigem. She's a bamf with her loli-shota army~


EDDGA. reminds me of garfield.. hahaha..  /heh