Favorite MVP?

Started by yhjuiioklko, Jan 19, 2011, 10:38 PM

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Gloom Under Night

'Cause whenever it turns around... Nevermind. It's just sexilicious.


Her crown just looks awesome. Well, bluntly putting it, it displays something, grand and exquisite. 8D

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my favorite is bakunawa from new map malaya port, because he is new and huge..  ;)


I don't even know why, I think it was in a friend of mines siggy on the first server I played, I couldn't help but laugh at the animation.


Most likely the weakest, but Eddga is the greatest


Lady Tanee, because she's cute and I find it funny that she always teleports whenever I see her.  Well, I understand her because if I live in a dungeon, or somewhere alone, you tend to be shy around people. Lol


IFRIT ~ Its ROCK!!! Hoho


I'd say Amon Ra.

I'm a High Wizard, so i'll just cast Meteor Storms & Storm Gusts from.. well, behind him.


Kiel D-01; robots for slaves, a godly sprite, a cool background story and he drop my favorite card *__*

Raspberry Lips

Bacsojin or White Lady! <3 She's cute :3 and I love its card. Hoping to get one! XD


i'd have to say Nidhoggr's Shadow


its  flipping dragon !!! need i say more? XD
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I like Incantation Samurai D:

I wish I can like summon some guardian type thing xd


Moonlight Flower, I just love they way how she run. lol


Stormy Knight. I remember the first time I ran into him, he was my first MVP and I literally flipped a tit when I saw him. I didn't know those things could exsist.


Angeling! It's so cute that you can... squish it to little pieces and take the wings as a headgear =D.
The card could be handy as well of course ;D. Well, actually, it's a mini-boss, but you get my point XD.

Valkyrie Randgris is a cool MvP for me <3. Love the animated wings =D and that deadly sword.
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