Favorite MVP?

Started by yhjuiioklko, Jan 19, 2011, 10:38 PM

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Quote from: Buckyx on Jul 05, 2011, 12:21 PM
golden thief bug because he is very easy to kill and drops a good card :D
but SM/Bee/Valk are interesting too
GTB is also one of the (probably only?) MVP that's passive. You can at least have a chance for a first strike or walk past it if you not ready.


ghostring :d for the ghostring card always :P & is pretty easy to kill as well


My favorite MvP would have to be Thanatos. I like the intricacy of how he has to be summoned, not to mention the sprite is well done. =]


Fallen Bishop Hibram (Coolest MVP!)

Because I like the card  8)


Ifrit <3. For reasons left unknown...


Baphomet. The most famous MVP in Ragnarok. :D


My favorite MVP would be Fallen Bishop. /facepalm


Beelzebub, i like to kill him on low rate servers in a organized group ;)

And of course i like the Variants :P


My favorite will always be RSX, he's a giant machine made for mining out your guts. Though the Earthquakes underground seem kind of suicidal, but that's just how he rolls.


Moonlight Flower. 3 words. Sexy foxy lady.


Pori Pori, a poring that dominates all, defiantly +1 for me  ;)



Classic Yet, Sweet :D


My favourite MVP will always be Dracula. xD One of the originals but still the best~


Piamette~ ♥

She is so adorable. :D She hits hard though *-*


Amon Ra is my favorite MVP because of all the inside jokes my friends and I have ridiculed. The noises are hysterical and the way Amon Ra moves and fights. It's pretty funny to disguise as it and set your speed really fast. On the contrary, my least favorite is Mistress... that MVP teleports EVERY time. It's like "Oh hai"... *teleport* She would teleport from a novice if it walked up to her.
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