Favorite MVP?

Started by yhjuiioklko, Jan 19, 2011, 10:38 PM

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Cuddle FIsh

Golden Theif Bug because the idea of something as disgusting as roach being made out of gold, has a fun ironic twist to it. Also it has a nice card, to use against my second favorite MVP High Wizard Kathryne!


Amon Ra
My favorite is Amon Ra, simply because of the story his sprite tells. A slave overthrowing the king, wrapping him on the back of his throne and taking his place while still in his shackles. That may not be what happened, but I am perfectly content in believing my possible lie. <3~


Lord Knight Seyren, period. I've never been in a party that has killed him (nor have I been in any Bio 3 parties so far - but I know he's been killed). He scares the living daylight out of me, but he's awesome at the same time.
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Imo nowadays a lot of regular mobs (think manuk field/splendide field people) are scarier than Lk seyren esp the higher levels when you have like 10 larvas on you all the time. Now most bio 3 mobs can be soloed by some classes whereas the only viable class for new world is sniper (sage is fine and so is champ but sniper is more convenient and can kill everything there)


True, snipers are pretty much the only class that can solo New World efficiently, but at least so far I haven't heard of anyone in our server, who has soloed Bio 3 MVPs. Everytime I've seen people run there, there is a party of some sort consisting of at least 5-6 people. o-o
"Howard, you do know I've got a number of ways to poison you. In your sleep. Your food. You don't want that to happen do you?"


I always wonder how people drop bradium rings. Sure, I managed to drop one once with my Sniper, but you need to be FRICKIN lucky when you TP. I know that bio 3 is also very mobby but at least you don't get OS-ed all the time. The dolomedes field is just horrendous, I don't know how some people can farm there. I did it a few times because I had to but it's an utter nightmare. Maybe a champ could do it but he'd need to cast extra fast because basically once you're on the map you're dead within seconds unless you miraculously TP next to a single mob (which almost never happens).
I leveled up quite a lot in New World fields (all of them + nid) as a Sniper and usually I was the only crazy person on the map. Most people go to bio 3 even if we don't have a warper because it's easier I guess (most classes can kill stuff there).
As for bio 3 MVPs, it's another story. I know that one of the guilds on our serv specializes in killing them but I haven't been to bio for ages. The only mobs that interest me there are the removers because well, when you make an acolyte you don't really have a choice.

Anyway, I don't understand why the New World mobs aren't at least boss protocol monsters or mini bosses, given that quite a lot of bosses don't hit as hard as them (eddga, garm, gopinich unless you get too close to him, phreeoni, orc lord (same deal don't get too close), and the list goes on and on). I mean, kasa is a mini-boss so I really really don't understand. At least I could use AK cards on them, which would make things a little bit easier.

Oh well, RO isn't very logical.


^New world was made for renewal.  Old mechanics vs new mechanics etc.
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Quote from: uncelebrated on Mar 30, 2011, 10:50 PM
^New world was made for renewal.  Old mechanics vs new mechanics etc.

^ All of new world up to nidhoggr's nest was introduced shortly before renewal on most (if not all) official servers, and the monster's stats were changed when renewal came.


I can't make up my mind.

I like Drake because of his waterball that kills you even with water armor on that's so trollworthy

Then there's White Lady because you can tame her with hocus-pocus/abrakadabra

Then there's Beezlebub because no magicians in the party except me used ghost element and they were all complaining about how low their damage was, lol.


I heard that you need IP to kill beelz properly, then you can do 21K a cart termo (42K if lexed, more if buffed etc).


IP is best damage weapon on him due to his high VIT and decent armor DEF. Ain't the only option tho...


Thanatos, cause i love his sword :D
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Actually I think a soul linker (ghost ele) would deal a LOT of dmg. I know that an SL can deal 100k lexed on necro (and is thus a great addition to any abbey 3 party). I need to get the calculator out when I get back home.


DPS wise, SBK or CT would still beat Esma imho.



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'nuff said.

rip deityRO