Favorite MVP?

Started by yhjuiioklko, Jan 19, 2011, 10:38 PM

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Phreeoni, because she(?) summons a lot of Hodes. /lv
Osiris, because he summons a lot of Isis. Who doesn't like Isis??  /lv

It's Doppel for me. 1st MVP card I used and fell in love XD


Kiel D-01. When this MVP was introduced it changed my whole Ro world meaning it made it 1 million times better for me.


Valkyrieeeee! Her model sprite is detailed.  /lv

Ashes Leonhearin

Beelzebub, cos you can't kill it with Asuras


Turtle General, I loved hunting that MVP back in 2007  /no1


Moonlight Flower because its cute and cuddly
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Beelzebub, because of the drops and champs cant ks you :)


Since I love sniper class that much, my favorite MVP to kill is Eddga.  /o /no1 /lv


I like Ifrit and I love he much much more when he give us the IP [1] when he dies  /heh


Simply Valkyrie Randgris. You know what up with that flying beast..


Oh boy, great question.
I'd have to go with Baphomet then Doppelganger. Both have been my favorite MvPs since I can remember. Their cards used together are pretty fun, as well! /no1
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sniper cecil. love the process.

GM Fury

Doppelganger, I used to love going to Geffen Dungeon just to find doppel way back.  /wah

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Baphomet all day!  Although...he never did give me his card  /hmm

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It's a toss up between Maya and Moonlight Flower
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