Favorite MVP?

Started by yhjuiioklko, Jan 19, 2011, 10:38 PM

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moon hunter

stormy knight, such a solid drop table and was decently difficult to solo back in 2003.

Asuka Connell

Naght Sieger

Mysterious, 'cause I don't know his story yet, he's just an entity that lives up a tower on a deserted island, and he drops awesome swords and a wonderful manteau. I like collecting turquoise too  /heh

*Edit: Just checked RMS, he's just a mini boss  /pif You'd think after all the trouble you go through just to meet him, he'd be up there in the MVP category.

**Edit, right he does. Sorry, I've only played pre-renewal. Nice to know, Triper.


He actually has a card even if it's was only added at Renewal: http://ratemyserver.net/re_item_db.php?item_id=4457&small=1&back=1

Also, wtf - nahtzi card? wtf ro


Older mvps:
1. Doppelganger- he makes the biolab's look cool before it is cool. 
Also back in the days, he is strong and jumps on you when you innocently leveling and promptly send you back to your save point.  Except when you play thief with 100% flee and undivided, could solo him.  I remember seeing a screenshot of someone put doppel card in a slotted knife or sth on official server lol. 
2. Dragon Zombie- I want to see this guy with my own eyes. 
3. Garm- Looks cool, useful card, cute slaves, solo-able in a map with low level mobs.

Newer ones:
1. Valkyrie Rangdris- was the first MVP i saw with aura and with identical mobs it was a scary sight.
2. Thanatos- dat sword.  dat backstory.
3. Ktullanux- the chamber with frozen kid after defeating him is awesome.


Baphomet! What is cuter than a demonic Goat!!!


U cant go wrong with TG.  /no1


Garm, cute i wish i can have it as a pet :D. Everyday i would wake up to storm gust  /heh


Baphomet is quite famous for me, than the others.

Son Bokutia

Garm, I would say. I used to camp that poor MvP. The market price, on the server I played, of Ice Falchion dropped a load when I started vending them, lol. Never got the card, though. :(

Chaotic Marshmallow

I would say moonlight. Because she's naked and brings lots of bells


Quote from: xheldc on May 18, 2016, 12:49 AM
Baphomet is quite famous for me, than the others.

I'd say he's the most recognizable MVP in RO.


Gloom under night, he just looks cool. Fire alien monster  /no1


Quote from: Chaotic Marshmallow on May 19, 2016, 11:59 AM
I would say moonlight. Because she's naked and brings lots of bells

I have to agree with the bells but not with the naked part. XD


Cursed Baphomet. Since this MvP is so hard to kill in its release. I think this is the first instance made? I am not quite sure though.


Bapho. Mostly because I  /lv his card  /no1