Favorite MVP?

Started by yhjuiioklko, Jan 19, 2011, 10:38 PM

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Quote from: Lyuri on Sep 25, 2014, 09:49 AM
Golden Thief Bug. Thanks to this video:


I'll never forget the days and nights I spent on hunting this great MVP xD /lv


Thanatos and Valk Randgris, but VR wins my heart because i like mythology thingy although Thanatos's lore is great as well  /lv


This is my fav MVP, lmao.



1st mvp encountered, 1st killed with a group as a sin and 1st solod as a hunter.
orc lord and ttg for the cards........

I'm kinda sad no one said The DARK LORD THOUGH.

Adam Don

Valkyrie Randgris, is all time fav,..

Other than that is

/no1 /heh /no1 /heh /no1 /heh /gg /gg
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I might be the only one, but my favorite is actually Vesper.

Ah the good old days when you could pack a fish full of recovery items, and journey to the vesper floor of juperos and solo it on a sniper. Took so much finesse and skill, and the drops used to sell for a ton. So rewarding!


Some people like the memories of their first MVP to meet or to kill.
Once, at 1x/1x/1x server, the members of the guild and me summoned Baphomet in Izlude. It was hard to kill it, but it felt great afterwards.
Many years ago, Biolab 3 was a popular place to level-up for advanced and well-equipped players, and High Priest Magaleta was my favorite one, and the easiest one.


still a huge fan of Eddga :O

walking arround the woods with his pink buddies, smoking his pipe, telling old-people-stories....oh and he always helps me getting my Boys Cap


Lady Tanee, which is hind behind the palm). It is an easy MVP, but it teleports much.
Ktullanux is mighty, I agree with the others' posts, what makes it interesting.
Osiris is the one that runs and hits VERY fast) Therefore, the battle goes very fast, too)

GM TruFlip1011

uhh... baphomet...? duhhhhh... with his juniors!! and he's fighting with a scythe! beast of death



He was the S*** back in the day and since I like Classic servers, he's always been my favorite.


Beelzebub my favorite.
variant is best  /kis

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I like do bio mvp with my guild, cause it's for me the best mvp for teamplay


Pori Pori is always the one :)


For me it's Thanatos as well like many other people haha, he's so damn boss!  /lv