Favorite MVP?

Started by yhjuiioklko, Jan 19, 2011, 10:38 PM

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Eddga, because he gave me like 9 cards under a month in the mvp area with default drop chances


Thanatos. He is badass with his eight forms (His Despair, Agony, Sorrow, and Hatred as his bad side while he has his Lady Solace, Baroness of Retribution, Dame of Sentinel, and Mistress of Shelter as his good side) when combined forms his memory that guards Midgard until the return of Morroc (until the player destroyed his seal that binds his memory from the dead) and the favorite fights I want to see animated is his fight with Satan Morroc in both manhwa and ingame.


Pori Pori :)

Poring family rocks ^^


Yeah I do love pori pori too. I like the poring family, including skeggiolds who are so cute.



I don't care how hard he is, or how annoying he can be to fight, he is my absolute favorite. It's an MVP that require a lot of people to fight and everyone having a certain job that they have to do instead of just going in and bashing its head in. It requires a little more skill that most mvp's to kill. Just a little XD imo.


lol we killed it with 1 champ and 5 snipers pretty fast :D


Thanatos also, he look awesome. But it is long to reach him. Mostly when so many people try to get him. My othe rfavorite one is Incantation Samurai. Little kid owning with a big 9999 dmg skill it is like WHAT THE HECK!
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Fallen bishop hibram , because its the best card for magic hehe


mine is eddga because it's so cute!  ;D


Phreeoni is my new favorite cause it looks funny and it's easy to kill, plus fortune swords are cool for sins.



just because I'm a masochist <3


Omg you truly are :p I finally found the thing the other day and she just tp-ed before I had the chance to DS her even once. Needless to say, I gave up. Sticking to Eddga, Stormy, Gopinich and Phree for now haha.


The good old Baphomet =)
I got some good memories of him killing me over and over again... =D


Beelzebub, Thanatos and Kiel, All give great cards, And are beasts.


I need variant shoes. Too bad you can't solo beelz on a lowish midrate 99/70. Come to think of it Valkyrie (the mini boss or the boss) is nice enough as she gives good items. I'd rather buy the stuff than drop it though.