EP2 Pre-Comodo Data Consolidation

Started by oldinroplayer, Nov 26, 2022, 02:41 AM

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Hey Folks, I'm looking together to gather what little remains of EP2 Pre-Comodo data, correct any glaring gaps/issues and hopefully, one day put it in eA/rA compatible format (starting with TXT and then SQL). So far, I've consolidated information from sources I could find online (old eA scripts, Wayback Machine sites -- including a few non-English ones) in this Google Sheet.

So far, the data does pass "the sniff test" -- Smokies in Payon Dungeon, Poison Spores in Geffen, Anolians in Clock Tower basement. However, it is missing a bunch of data -- most notable monster stats, mobs & spawn details for XMas Island and Toy Factory etc. Card Details are not completely captured and this is something I'm currently working on -- some of the cards such as Pupa (MHP+50) do seem accurate.

Requesting inputs from folks that have been playing RO since the early days to help with this exercise. I'm also willing to take a look a any first-party sources such as files from old emulators from this era to refine the sheet above. Planning to xpost this request to a few other RO forums as well. Would appreciate reposts to closed communities/discord groups as well.


Pre-comodo content ... that's ancient.  If Google Code didn't shutdown there might be a few more sources that you could look into.

Just checked some of my old SVN sources ... they all died.


QuotePre-comodo content ... that's ancient.
Yeah, it is this weird nostalgia-driven classic (upto 2-2 jobs only) episodic progression server that a bunch of old timers dreamt up during a virtual get together. Nothing serious, just a casual server for a small group to relive old memories... I'm pretty sure every RO player knows that all too well  /heh

The plan is to start out with the old EP2/Pre-comodo times and move all the way up to EP9 and stop short of Rebirth/Trans classes. Being a casual group, folks don't have time to grind for hours anymore so a 5x-ish slow paced world that'll move to the next "patch" ever few months... and maybe customs such as tweaked versions of quests and mobs for the newer regional maps such as Dewata and Ridge Rock (not sure if that'll require a newer client though).

QuoteIf Google Code didn't shutdown there might be a few more sources that you could look into.

Just checked some of my old SVN sources ... they all died.

Pretty much my experience with websites and forums from this are all gone. While there's archive.org, it doesn't have complete info and has a lot of missing content. Would really appreciate any leads/links from folks on the forums in this regard... I did find a few posts on the forums, such as the one with EP2 monster stats in CSV format and those have been very helpful. A few other challenges are: a)getting an old client (and I mean a real EP2 era one... without battle mode and all that) has been a challenge too, looks like there just aren't any more copies of these ancient installers anymore. The oldest I could get was a 0923 Rag and RagRE installer. b) getting the clients work reliably and c) getting a old version of eA that'll play nice with these relics of a game client  /heh