Enchant Slot System

Started by Johnny Walker, Dec 01, 2007, 04:19 PM

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Johnny Walker

i want to know everything about the slotting system, like where to slot each ekip, which city is the best to slot what ekips... i know about four cities that have the slotting npc. Lighthalzen, Payon, Prontera and Morroc.


they all have the same rates~

i use the pront one cause ppl come to watch me try to slot things XD


I read and heard that each and every town has a special thing going on each and every equipment to be slotted... It is like the way an equipment's success chance to be successfully slotted... Do you know anything about this thing, JJJ? Anybody else know how or why or even what... I'll be waiting for replies! Thanks in advance (^_^)


as far as my knowledge goes all the towns have the same upgrade/solt rates ~


I do still believe some of them do specialize in some way or another...
But I'm not so sure on what are the specifics of it...
This is still like an alien thought of mine...
Alienation's concentration potion... is being used at this moment in time... awakening... going berserk...
Now I'm going crazy with some temporary insanity...


Well, when you ask the NPC for more information about slotting, (in prontera) he says that in some towns equipment with higher refine rates are more likely to succeed, while in other towns, the exact opposite is true, equipment with higher refine rates are more likely to fail.

So, if anyone has any information on this, it would be extremely helpful. I've searched the web and numerous other sites and have found nothing.