Doing Thanatos tower alone.

Started by Lioran, Nov 27, 2015, 06:15 PM

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I recorded this on twitch if anyone is interested.
Turned thanatos tower into a small speed run.
This is done on PreRenewal

Some stuff in this should be pointed out.
Server I'm playing is mostly legit stuff.
At one point I'm doin Falcon assault on Thanatos despero.
I'm pretty sure its not normal that falcon assault take the element of your weapon.
Unless it was changed, I've never seen it that way.(Someone confirm this)
Also Traps on this server works like no other server I've tried against boss type but I heard that was normal. Boss will go through traps and stop only when their current movement is over rather then snapping to them which is very disadvantageous to the players.(Someone confirm this)

Characters info
Sniper has base 99 dex,99 agi , 25 int

+4 Ulle's cap with Willow card
Gangster mask
+7 odin's bless with Bathory
+7 Orc archer bow
+4 Fricco shoes
+4 Falcon muffler
2 Diabolus ring for the MP with Creamy card and Empty slot
Orc warrior Pet

Priest has base 99 dex,87 vit , 50 int
+7 magni's cap
+1 dex halloween middle headgear
+4 odin's blessing with dokebi
Survivor rod with drop card
+7 Stone buckler with Hodremlin AND +7 stone buckler with Alice
+7 Vali's manteau
+4 vidar
Non slotted glove
Wedding ring to transfer MP over(which is why i dont run out of mp)
Poporing pet to carry items (available on some servers)

About the setup
I'm using 2 computer with 2 mice 1 keyboard which is why you see me move both character at the same time. Some kind of desktop sharing that make both my computer act like I have 2 monitors. Main mouse and keyboard will work for both computer but not the second mouse, that will only work on second computer. So be weary if you try to reproduce this. Its gonna be super hard if you dual client on same computer.

Additionnal info
I set some rules on this for speed running.
I have to get all 4 fragment while i'm in the tower and not come with them already in my inventory.
Do the key and charmstone quest on my main character.
Priest already has all the keys except the black one which you lose everytime you enter floor 7.
So that way priest only ever needs to get black key everytime rather then all keys.

Floor 7 and 11 are pretty scary on sniper alone. If the Despero attacks you it has chance to do Flee up. Which double its walking speed and make it impossible to hit. Other floors are pretty standard.

I'm pro at figuring the 3 digits puzzle  /no1
Screw using those website that tells you what to enter I've always done it legit.

Yea I know, I wrote an essay right here.