Started by Khaine, Dec 31, 2009, 03:43 PM

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Would you like wings in new private servers?

Yes I love wings!
11 (22.4%)
Ew! I hate wings!
15 (30.6%)
I dont like them if they're too big
20 (40.8%)
Depends on the rates!
3 (6.1%)

Total Members Voted: 49


I totally despise it. It ruins the view when 50 players wears it and at the middle of pron all the same time. 


Too big nono.

I <3 FBH Custom.
QuoteWhatever floats your boat.


I choose I hate wings and the reason is "I dont like them because they're too big"... xD

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Some of the wings are nice; however, most of them are terribly done.

Either they're far too huge, the coloring is horrible, or at a 3/4 or side angle, the wings are horribly drawn.  That goes for about 90% of wings created for private servers.


i never really liked custom wings, but there's this specific custom wing that i like: Omega Wings (aka. Butterfly wings on other servers).


RO is already pretty as it is... There are tons of old, new or server-specific official headgears out there that look even better than wings. You just have to match them with the other headgears, sprite, colors, etc!  ;D


I dont like the time it takes to aquire them. they give people who injoy quests a huge boost and they are usually too big


I love wings <3 Especially Lovely Wings. It goes so well with Fox Ears and Lively Fox Tail =D. -Nobodytakesmy/Keion'scomboplease-

I like wings that aren't as spread out (fairy and pixie wings I suppose). They can match other customs and colours really well depending on the user's tastes and fashion skills ;).
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Some look really tacky. But some small ones are not that bad.

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Wings for personally style-defined looks are fine
I like them wings depending on what I want to look like in RO


I'm okay with wings as long as they're done in good taste and don't melt my eyes. :x

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I wanted to post something in this thread for the longest time, but couldn't really get down to it. So I decided to keep it simple.


I like wings but not big ones.. I played a server with "Death Sets" which pretty much made you huge, looked cool and all but they were so big and even you had like 10 people in town with the same gear it looked like there was 100 people lol.

But now I like small wings like butterfly wings.. Just nice small ones that don't take up alot of space.


When playing on certain highrates, I sometimes get the feeling that they forgot to add the on-equip scripts atcommand "@size 2", "@specialeffect 1-500" "@autobroadcast" on the huge wings.

Biggest wings we added on HMRO for players are 'Baby Angel Wings'.