Difference between pre renewal and renewal RO

Started by varial88, Feb 17, 2013, 03:29 PM

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Lol, Original RO and Renewal RO are a completely different set of staff.


The original inventor of RO is long gone from RO. He developed Granado Espada (music by the same team as RO1) later and then announced he will make another game with the real RO spirit (and claims RO2 is nothing like that) called Project R1. However there haven't been any news on the game and the website went offline, so I guess he dropped it.

The original development team from RO worked later on RO2-1 (not the one released now which is RO2-2). I think they were also involved with developing ROSE Online a little. After having a fight with Gravity about how to design RO2, they left and decided to make their own company and also hired some people from old Squaresoft who left Square-Enix out of similar reasons. They have been working on a game called Lime Odyssey, buut... it should have been released like 2 years ago and still didn't come out, so I'm not sure what's going on there either.

Renewal as Astraeos said above, is done by a completely different team. None of the original staff is still with Gravity.