crazy ro builds

Started by Xzero, Aug 10, 2006, 02:51 PM

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hmm no one posted here yet.. ill be the first
post your ultra crazy uber builds..

my assassin sonic blow build on a max level 120sever with max 120 stats
i havent played in a while and i was level 98 fighting 120 assassins
thats about estimation of my build forgot it its been a while since i played
110 str
1 agi
20 int
1 luk
i had a phree phree drake jur..+10 i believe


I'm not going to post my emp breaking build as a SinX >_>


Quote from: Xzero on Aug 10, 2006, 02:51 PM

i had a phree phree drake jur..+10 i believe

What were the rates on that server?

I made an AGI Knight on a server like that with the max lvl 120 and max stat 120.
His stats were
Str 80
Vit 30
Agi 90
Dex 50
Int 1
Luk 1

I didn't quite make it to lvl 120 cause the rate were lower the i'm used to.
Signitures are against my religion

El Cid

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I DO NOT have to say anymore about my crazy character.


lol :D
anyway somehow
all the sinx i made        areEEE REALY WEAK AND GET S PWNED how come :/ . .. ...
but my pali owns tha world i only fear THOSE FRENZY GUYS oN EMP their scary