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Started by KiraKun, Jan 03, 2010, 05:04 AM

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This is the question I would like answered:
Would you pay someone for custom sprites, maps, or models?

I'm asking this community because I know that a lot of the people who frequent these forums are server owners themselves. Best place to ask I think.

Anyways, I've always liked doing mods for ragnarok online be it adding new quests, skills, classes, maps, items, etc etc you get the idea. Last summer I started working on some custom 3D models (without and prior 3D modeling experience). Half a year has passed and I'm 100x better than I was before.

Aside from that I've also gotten better at spriting and coming up with my own ways of doing very detailed sprites in a short ammount of time. An example would be, uhh, if someone wanted a custom class sprite done. Thats 100+ images. Depending on details it would probably take me less than a week working off and on. Headgears, depending on detail, could take me less than a day.

Custom models, depending on detail, would probably take me between 1 and 2 days.

Maps, again, depends on detail. But maps are a cinch.

But this stuff wouldn't be cheap. For something like a custom class sprite set or a custom mob sprite set, I'd imagine it would be the better part of $100. Item or headgear sprites would be cheaper. Same with models. Maps, I dunno. The software is out there it doesn't take much skill to make maps for yourself...

But I digress. With everything I've mentioned, would you want any of these services? Is it worth the time and effort? Is RO too far gone? Lemme know. :V

Also if this is the wrong section for this kind of thing, move it at will.
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Honestly, if you have a skill that someone else needs, you can charge money for it. Now from what you have said, I would assume if someone needed one of your specialties, then you would have a good chance of getting hired. Tbh if I had those skills, I would offer it up at a price XD. I mean why not make money of someone elses lazyness and your skill? Lol

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IMO I wouldn't buy it unless I'm already making tons of money on a server and want to make more by having special features. *cough* Biggest reason why I won't is because once other servers see the unique things on the server they'll just go rip the sprites off and the copyright talk comes up again. Also, why would I spend 100$ on something for a game imitation that I'm making just for fun when I can use it for other things; anyway, I can just rip it off when someone actually buys it. Not saying I would but other people might.

But if your good as you say you are then I say go for it. Sharpism(the guy making KonohaRO) payed 300$ for people to make sprites for him. Maybe you would want to offer him your services. Maybe you should sign up for gravity even :P


As someone else said in another post; people are lazy. And also inexperienced. I recently had a conversation with a friend who specializes in web design that was on this same train of thought - Although many people are plain incapable of doing things which others may offer paid services for, others will use these services nonetheless due to inexperience. For example, someone might want a custom skin for for their Flux CP or something. They understand how to edit the CSS appropriately and make new images to match, but they're still not that great at it.

So they pay someone else to do it to ensure it looks good. And at times, functions well (in regards to programming in general). Customized client data is very popular with private servers for obvious reasons, and is also most likely the part of RO servers that is most subsceptible to paid services due to the difficulty entailed in creating such things. While mapping is becoming much more popular with the public testing of BrowEdit, spriting and 3-D modeling is still unpopular due to how difficult and time-consuming they can be.

The "theory" of paid services aside - You'd probably get some great reception with great skills. Simple fact is there's a lot of people who try to do these things and fail at them, yet still parade them around like the modern age Mona Lisa of Ragnarok Online. Assuming you go through with this, it wouldn't hurt for you to build up a public portfolio so that people can see the quality of your work, which would be the largest decider wheter or not they decided to comission you for something. Players don't care how scripts are made because they never see the code; only how it works. Sprites and maps are different because they are what people actually see.

Geez... Tl,dr; Yes.
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People offering paid services may or may not be screwing you over, depending on the product. Web designers? There's quite a good few out there; many take time to do their work, and charge quite a bit as a result. Just be sure you're not getting someone elses' website, rebranded for quick cash. If you hire someone to do things such as install customs for you, give up running a server. You're wasting time and letting someone take advantage of your stupidity.

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I've paid for graphics before, but only if I was in need of something highly specific that required someone experienced to make it. Most of the time I just work with what I have or what I can do myself.
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I would definitely pay for maps if they're good enough and have enough detail etc.

I might pay for sprites if I'm desperate for them :x
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