Classic Monster Distribution per Map

Started by Nano, Oct 05, 2021, 12:34 AM

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Does anyone have access to monster distribution per instance, for both maps and dungeons, during each episode of Ragnarok?

At least one source before the first Global Project patch.


this is also quite handy if you are farming for some event mobbs for certain servers and want to check out the "smallest" possible maps.
(numbers on the right side, next to the date, shows the map size, bigger number = bigger "walkable " map  )


Another method (probably not for the feint of heart) is to look back into the git repository of rAthena to the Epoch of the game you want to verify. Their original records were accurate to the best of my knowledge and go back a LONG way if you need a snapshot.

It is a bit tedious, but if you want 1 for 1 replication at a particular episode, that's probably your best bet.