Class Epithets

Started by TiroDvD, Aug 14, 2012, 02:45 PM

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OK I remember way back when I first started RO (2002) that each class had a little epithet. Specifically they where on wallpapers with the class pictures on them.  See here under Complete Character Art.  Are there anyone ones for 2-2, extended and 3rd classes?

Novice, have boundless potential
Swordsman, defend the right
Mage, the force of nature
Thief, a benevolent picaroon
Archer, penetrate the evil
Merchant, deal with hope
Acolyte, as divine grace
Knight, spirit of chivalry
Wizard,the spirit of nature
Assasin, the shadow of death
Hunter, guardian of nature
Priest, believe in God
Blacksmith, power of craftsmanship



Rogue, the night's fallen angel
Crusader, one preparing for the holy war
Sage, one who pursues eternity
Monk, lonely ascetic
Alchemist, one who invaded god's territory
Dancer, passionate prima donna
Bard, the wind's musical poet