10% demi-resist vs. 10% increase damage on demi-human ?

Started by wilbur009, Aug 25, 2015, 04:20 PM

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Just a question. Let's say there are 2 swordsman and the only items they have on are these HG's. 1 swordie has the 10% resist with no stats and the other 10% on demi hg with no stats. Would their damage have no change ? Let's assume they are lvl 10 with same stats and everything. Just a newbie question.


If I understood your question correctly.

Lets set up a fight between two characters. What it would look like?
Now, give one of them +10% damage and the other one 10% reduction? Would it be the same?

Think about it in this way.
Person A is doing x damage. If he gets 10% damage, he will be doing x+10%, which is 1.1*x.
Person B is taking x damage. If he gets 10% reduction, he will be suffering x-10%, which is 0.9*x.

If both of them will have their upgrades on, Their upgrades will multiply, that is: Person A will be doing 1.1*0.9*x damage (that is what Person B will be suffering). And since 1.1*0.9 = 0.99, which is less than 1, the damage will be smaller.

BTW, you usually don't have to take out calculator to figure that out. 10% might be quite small to see at first glance, so what about 20%? Or 70%? Still nothing? Ok, what about 100%? Player doing 100% more damage, gets his damage doubled. Player receiving 100% less damage, well, he's invincible.
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Thanks bro! I knew it a simple thing, but I just thought about it too hard. Makes sense. Appreciate the reply.