Best way to farm Mavkas?

Started by Alex., Jun 15, 2012, 10:21 AM

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In a 99/70 server. What is the best way to farm Mavkas for zeny..




If you got access to a Cardo/Carled (the 2h spear that Nidhoggr's Shadow drops), Spiral Pierce LK is probably the fastest, with fire endow you can one shot Mavkas with a rather low amount of str, leaving extra stats for int, vit/agi and dex (With a decent ammount of int, you can use the blue herbs they drop and never run out of sp, enough vit/agi means you either don't get hit or can survive decently, not to mention you get extra weight limit and move speed from the peco).

If you don't have access to it, I believe the next most effective class is Whitesmith. Iirc, a high str build can 2-shot mavkas with an Hurricane's Fury/Giganto Axe + fire endow.

If all else fails, max dex/agi snipers are always a good all around class to farm stuff.


SB Sinx isn't bad too, you can one shot with some gears and link.


I farm them with my SinX. Just grab a couple scorpian/kaho cards. Enough to reach one shot damage.

Either put them in a slotted fire katar, or if you can't get the katar grab a fire endow scroll/sage. Camp your linker/priest outside then run around one shotting. You can kill like 20 before you need to go back and rebuff.

The blue herbs they drop are usually enough to sustain your SP for using steal/sonic blow/cloaking.. sometimes gotta grapejuice a little bit.

I farm around 1m/hour, but it's really boring though. Only good if you don't know more effective ways of making zeny.


I use Sinx, as the above poster said use that. Also I got high str and dex, with high vit and rest into int. I used to farm 3.5mil per hour with floating drop rates 3~5x


Sniper. Requires the least commitment of equipment or anything else.  /omg